Interactive / Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Our 3D Virtual tours are a proven online traffic generator. They bring a number of benefits for those in the design, construction, or architecture industries and their interactive nature engages audiences, giving them a genuine reason to take action, especially when compared to static images. They are also cost effective because a 360-degree tour can be used for a multitude of venues; including your website, iPads, smart-phones, tablets, touch screens, desktop computers, and VR goggles and headsets. Each type of device gives your customers an inviting tactile experience beyond static 3D graphics.

Our advanced rendering techniques allow us to present entire interiors in detail, allowing users to pan and zoom around the panoramic images. It doesn’t stop there. In a 360-degree tour, we add ‘hotspots’ to create an interactive experience and increase engagement even further. A hotspot enables a user to hover or click on designated areas to reveal a new camera location, a new room, targeted information, related images, extra features, or hyperlinks to designated web pages. For property developers the options are plentiful.

Research shows consumers are increasingly conducting research on mobile devices and companies need to adapt to this behavior to avoid lost opportunities. With interactive 360-degree tours, your customers can get the full experience on almost any desktop or mobile device. Regardless of the device, users navigate the same environment with the full features of interactivity and hotspots. Our 360-degree tours are designed to work intuitively on touch-enabled devices to allow navigating by swiping and touching.

Augmented Reality Senior Living

click on each image below to load and view the VR samples. Use your arrow keys, mouse, finger, or other interactive methods to navigate and explore each space. The highlighted hotspots take you to a new vantage point within each environment.

Augmented Reality Lobby
Augmented Reality Guest Room
Augmented Reality Condo
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