Why is 3D Visualization for Marketing Crucial?

“A consumer’s first introduction to a development is often a visual one –

never underestimate the importance of this first impression.”

3D Visualizations have long been an integral component in the marketing of real estate. When selling intangible, off-the-plan developments, the importance of photorealistic visualization is paramount. There is no better tool for a sales agent than a 3D tour that brings a brand to life. The right visual demands attention, capturing an aspirational lifestyle that captivates your target market evoking an emotional response. Once engaged potential investors begin to put themselves in the picture and envision what life in this property would be like, they are exactly where we want them.

“There is no better tool than a 3D tour that brings a brand to life.”

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Five Steps to Achieving High Quality Visualizations

Your brand’s design, color palette, styling, finishes, and fixtures have been selected with your target demographic in mind and your 3D Renderings and Animation needs to convey a visual representation of all of these. These elements should be incorporated seamlessly. Furniture, artwork, and styling should inspire your target audience and excite them.

1. Schedule a Workshop – Assign a Coordinator

3D Visualizations from Max Wave Media are often a project of collaboration with the developer, architects, marketing agency, leading sales agents, and others actively involved in the process. To ensure the essence of the brand isn’t lost along the way, we always like to hold an initial workshop to get everyone on the same page. This meeting aids in obtaining a sign-off on render objectives, as well as a final render list including camera angles and environment lighting. It is also critical to nominate one team member to act as the coordinator between Max Wave and your team.

2. Choose the right angle – focus on the features

The most important component of a good rendering is the selected camera angle. Ensure the angle does justice to the selected areas of the development. Take the time to study each floorplan considering layout, views, and the presence of natural light. Select the layout that will maximize space while focusing on the most impressive fixtures and finishes.

3. Styling and interiors – call in the experts

A carefully selected camera angle is nothing without styling that compliments the interiors and enhances space. The selection of furniture is best left to the professionals. Entrust the services of an interior designer to ensure the right pieces are used. The stylist should be briefed thoroughly from the marketing team and the architect to ensure they understand the brand inside out.

4. How many renderings are enough – quality over quantity

When deciding the best aspects of a development to render, focus on the projects brand strategy and unique selling points. If your project has an impressive list of amenities – show them off. If certain areas are not as impressive – leave them out. Generally speaking each project requires at least one hero external render, and three to four internals. The living space, kitchen, bedroom, and lobby or amenities are often selected but your render list will vary depending on each developments size and budget.

5. Timing is everything – be realistic

3D Visualizations are an integral part in your project marketing and are not something that should be rushed. We suggest allocating at least four weeks in your project timeline for the production of 3D visualizations, from briefing to delivery. Ensure the initial briefing is extremely thorough. Provide detailed camera angle sketches and animation path samples and be sure to study our checklist to ensure the architect provides all required drawings and schedules upfront. Have your designer select each piece of furniture and mark their positions on the floorplans. Have any of your background photography completed in advance and provide this to us as early in the process as possible.

The more detailed the brief, the less room for error, which will result in limited revisions, a speedy turnaround and a high quality product.

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