Sandy Springs City Center

The City Council of Sandy Springs, Georgia, a thriving city within the Atlanta Metro Area, adopted a Master Plan to create City Center. The Site Development Plan includes government offices, a performing arts center, a studio theatre, meeting space, an on-site park, residential, and retail components. This $200 million mixed-use development was designed to fulfill the community vision to promote community Interaction.

In a branding campaign to encourage investors, retailers, developers, and the community to be a part of the project, our team at Max Wave Media was invited to create a series of 3D renderings to showcase the full scope of the project and its many buildings, uses, environments, public spaces, and amenities. The renderings include exteriors and interiors. Several of the renderings include a night-time version showing dramatic lighting to show the development’s transition as a vibrant inviting place after dark for cultural events, dining, shopping, and social gathering.

“Creating a branded area will help us build a retail and residential area that is not only vibrant, but carries with it a certain cache. It will be a place where higher-end retailers and restaurants will want to locate and become a focal point for the community.”

Sandy Springs Mayor Rusty Paul.

The Project Goals for City Center:
Partners in the project include: Carter/Selig (Master Developer), Rosser International (Architect) jB+a (Landscape Architect), Holder Construction (Construction Manager) and Spectra (Program Activation for Public Components). In September, the City revealed the branding for the project, now called City Springs.

  • Create a unique, vibrant, walkable City Center rich in amenities desired by the community, such as commercial retail, recreational and cultural facilities
  • Catalyze significant market-driven private investment in a walkable, mixed-use development that introduces substantial new dining, amenity retail, and entertainment options
  • Create an appropriate setting for a new civic/cultural center that functions as a place of community activity and identity
  • Create a comprehensive infrastructure to support City Center, which would include: walkable streets, stormwater, traffic flow, transit services, bicycling facilities, parking, utilities, and signage
  • Introduce a green space network that accommodates a variety of activities, draws activity from new development, and ties together City Center, Sandy Springs’ established neighborhoods and existing open spaces

View the project website at Sandy Springs City Center