City Center West Orange

City Center West Orange was designed on the “New Urbanism” planning concept. Emphasizing human-scale communities with a livable, traditional-style downtown core that’s designed to foster an improved quality of life for residents of all ages. The plans of this new mixed-use development include approximately 500 condominium homes, a convention center, hotel, recreational trails and more than half a million square feet of retail and commercial space.

“I can’t tell you how often I’ve heard someone at the office say ‘You’ve got to see the video!’ before they pull a visitor into the conference room, where it’s always on the screen.”

Elizabeth Townsend, Project Analyst, Park Development Corporation

Working with Park Development Corporation in Orlando, we created the animated tour in four distinct sequences that play as one four-minute presentation. The four separate sequences include; development location, construction in four phases, development overview with key features labeled, and the fly through tour showing aerial and street-level views of retail shops, restaurants, resident and visitor activity, and amenities. These four distinct sequences can also be used individually to allow maximum flexibility for website and personal presentations.

One source of funding Park Development is pursuing for the City Center West Orange project is EB5 investors. To best communicate their development and the investment opportunity to these foreign investors, they knew they needed a solid presentation tool that clearly showed the full vision to these potential investors.

“Our Max Wave project video was a fantastic investment that brought life to our project. It really articulates our complex vision to everyone.”

Elizabeth Townsend, Project Analyst, Park Development Corporation

The final animation was rendered at 1080p resolution. A set of still frames were also rendered based on the client’s selected animation timecode to be used in digital and print marketing materials.

We look forward to watching City Center West Orange continue to come to fruition.