Max Wave Media creates high quality presentation materials to support projects in the fields of architecture, interior design, urban design, landscape, and master planning. We work in all industry sectors to produce stunning visualizations to thrill you and your clients. Our digital visuals and brand centric media experiences support new and ongoing marketing, sales, and advertising initiatives. We're a go-to resource for architects and builders, realtors, developers, engineers, and product designers – literally any industry where visualization can sell an idea or push a concept forward.

Our clients are private and public developers and their design and consultant teams. Our work covers all stages of project development from site appraisal and massing studies, through each part of the planning process to high impact marketing. We work on projects all over the world, at all scales from intimate interiors to large masterplans and our work includes ongoing support for several evolving urban areas and commercial estates.

Putting the power of 3D renderings, animation, and interactive solutions to work for your company requires finding a partner who not only brings expertise but a consultative approach to the relationship. We have the expertise, processes, and technologies needed to help you achieve a competitive advantage. Not only are we experienced in the creation of digital assets — we will also help you integrate these assets into your presentations, websites, social media, and other marketing collateral.

Max Wave Media goes beyond the role of provider, serving as a true business and marketing consultant to its clients. We have the insights necessary to guide you every step of the way — identifying potential hurdles ahead of time and proactively finding solutions before they derail your project.

3D visualizations from Max Wave Media are revolutionizing the way developments and communities are approved, marketed, proposed, investments secured, sold, and leased, enabling developers to start promoting their properties long before construction begins and giving investors, share holders, municipalities, and developers the opportunity to really explore the new development and understand all the benefits associated with the property and how the components work together.

Creating digital assets for a client often requires an ability to "speak the language" to personnel inside numerous corporate departments. These stakeholders may have vastly different priorities and goals for a single project. Our staff members understand these diverse cultures. We know how to navigate the complex corporate halls to keep your project moving along — on time and on budget.

Producing world-class 3D animation calls for a significant investment in visualization and rendering tools, state-of-the-art rendering farm hardware and infrastructure. Our experienced designers are powered with leading-edge visualization and rendering tools. No project is too big. Our robust rendering farm supports production of highly realistic, complex high-resolution images while meeting demanding production deadlines.

At Max Wave Media, we know turnaround time is always a priority – especially with proposals and presentations. Our team is committed to meeting these aggressive deadlines every day. Plus, because we work with the same leading architectural, engineering, and construction software as you, your architects, engineers, designers, and consultants, we can speak the language and can easily interface with your team.